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Latin America Energy Summit - Agenda to cover renewable energy projects, electricity market opportunities, power generation and transmission

The evolution of the electric power sector in South America 

The electric power sector in South America has experienced dramatic changes in recent years. The fall in the price of fossil fuels, the consolidation of non-conventional renewable energies as competitive alternatives, the success of governments to reduce the price of electric energy through auctions, the irruption of aggressive players, the slowdown of economic activity in Latin America, the role of investment funds in the sector and the effects of climate change make up a varied and complex cocktail that is changing the economies of the electricity business and related strategies from the different energy players. 


This will be the backdrop to the ongoing discussion and debates taking place at the 7th Latin America Energy Summit 2024 that will be held in person in Santiago, Chile on April 17-18, 2023

Industry leaders will address issues such as: 


  • The key strategies used by operators to grow in a highly competitive and low cost price environment

  • The anticipated projects expected for the next ten years 

  • The evolving business opportunities in the new operating environment: technological innovations in a world of big data, artificial intelligence, cloud solutions

  • The regulatory framework considering a returning appetite for electric integration in the region

  • The challenges of financing at lower margins

  • Price trends in upcoming tenders: how far can the NCREs come? 

  • Building generation capacity for a volatile environment: demand projections and supply planning

  • Need for backup capacity and strategies to secure it

  • The challenges of transmission: right of way, environmental impact, permitting

  • Regional strategy of Colombian electrical utilities 

  • Effects of the delay in the construction of the South-Peruvian gas pipeline 

  • The expansion of the Panama Canal and the future of LNG in the region 

  • Effects of warming on the business strategy of electricity companies 

  • Special session: The challenges of the electric power sector in Argentina: 

    • Formulas to encourage the construction of new plants

    • The development of the free market 

    • Outlook of the ERNC sector in Argentina: results of tenders RenovAr 

    • The Tariff dilemma 

    • Generation and transmission projects in Argentina

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